How Web 2.0 Savvy is Your Organization?

Posted on May 29, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

pdf as photoEvery company has pockets of Web 2.0 expertise–employees who are using socio-collaborative tools to find and connect with people in ways that were not possible in the past.  If your organization is typical, these employees are going home to use these tools; they can’t access them inside the company’s firewall, or they don’t have permission to use them during the work day.  But they know the value of these new ways to collaborate.  

This blog has shared a number of interesting examples of social media and social networking inside large, global organizations.  But for most of the Fortune 500, our research has shown that there is still significant resistance to embracing these tools in a systematic, well-managed way.  In some cases, leaders still have their heads in the sand, waiting to see how the Web 2.0 environment shakes out and what tools emerge as the winners.  

By then it will be too late for many organizations to take a leadership role in their industry.  Those who will deploy the game changing functionality are already experimenting with this environment today.  As the environment settles down, these leaders will already have risen up the learning curve.  They will have created the next playing field, and have gained the competitive advantage in their industry.  The time to start learning about this new environment is now.

Has your organization started learning how to be socio-collaborative?  Do you know where the pockets of expertise are inside your team?  Have you identified new ways to collaborate with employees, customers and other stakeholders?  The useful applications for your organization may not be clear today, but that is not a reason to hold off learning about the new world.  What’s clear is the need for hands-on instruction with the employees who will need to be thinking and working a new way– a way that may be alien and outside of their comfort zone.  It’s these individuals who will find new ways to propel your organization into the leadership position.

SoCo Partners and KP Partners (my company) have teamed up to offer customized workshops to draw out the creative ideas from your team and to identify ways for your organization to embrace this new environment.   These workshops introduce principles, core concepts, and case studies that are changing the way communication and collaboration are done inside the enterprise and with stakeholders outside the corporate boundaries. 

Success comes from introducing these new concepts to employees in a way that encourages adoption and applies them to every day business processes they already know. We are specialists in this area.  With many decades of experience in large enterprises, our approach bridges the past to the future. 

We are currently scheduling seminars for the upcoming summer months. We offer them at your location and we customize them for your team.  If you’re interested in scheduling a workshop for your organization, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss a unique training and orientation session that will gently introduce your employees to socio-collaborative philosophies and methods and draw out ideas that will change the game.


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