Domino’s Pizza Tracker: Instant Customer Feedback

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Domino’s Pizza, one of the largest pizza chains in the US, has taken instant customer interaction to a new level.  Recently, they launched the Domino’s Pizza Tracker, which allows customers to submit a pizza order online, track it through it’s preparation process, and then add a comment and rate their experience.  Of course this all happens online in real time.

Tracking a process instantly is not new.  FedEx took tracking at new heights when it made package tracking the focus of it’s business years ago.  Sending a package by FedEx allowed a customer to track it through pickup, shipping and delivery.  Customers sent packages FedEx just so they could keep track of it until it reached its destination.  But tracking a pizza?  That’s a great idea.  A customer can watch his pizza go from order to delivery, through 5 steps:  Order placed, Prep, Bake, Quality Check, and Out for Delivery.  Certainly Domino’s has internally kept track of the process of it’s pizzas, but sharing it with customers is a brilliant integration of process management and customer relationship management.

Domino’s takes it even further.  Customers can submit a review of their experience online.  Many companies have that function.  But at Dominos, reviews, good and bad, are then broadcast in Time Square on a large screen for the world to see.  Clever.  Their future customers can watch real customer reviews scroll across in big, bright lights.  Wonder how to get potential customers to see the reviews of your current customers?  Buying space in Time Square is clearly one way.  Watch this video to see it in action.

Dominos has taken the customer experience to a whole new level with the Tracker. Other companies can learn from this case, too.  Making your production process transparent to your customers is one lesson.  Customers enjoy seeing the process you take to create their product.  This applies to any product or service customized for each customer, like cars, laptops (remember Dell Computer’s build to order concept?), and even pizzas.

But the idea of broadcasting the reviews in Time Square makes Domino’s Pizza Tracker something to buzz about.  It becomes a media event.   Perhaps more subtle, but just as important, is the effect on customers (and even employees, as shown in their video).  Imagine seeing your review and your name in lights above Time Square.  All can be had for the price of a pizza.  Brilliant!


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